Interview 1 | Music Futures Conference

As the Music Futures Conference approaches The Gen locked three participating industry stalwarts in a room to get their take on why the conference is important and what they want from the day.

7 Digital CEO Simon Cole got the ball rolling: “The music and radio industries have rarely been at a point of so much change and tumult, Music Futures comes at what I think is a critical time in the industry’s transition”.

An opinion echoed by Sentric CEO Chris Meehan who’s been a regular attendee at previous Music Futures, “With so much change within the industry, it’s always great to get together with colleagues and forget each other’s business for a day and concentrate on the industry as a whole and about how things can change for the better”.

Darren Hemmings Founder of Motive Unknown joined in: “And because the industry is facing challenges and it will continue to do so for some years to come, it’s really important to have honest discussions led by people with significant industry experience”.

Simon added “At such a junction, communication and an open exchange of views and opinions are vital, as is the opportunity to meet participants and potential clients”.

Darren picked up on the importance: “What is critical is a high level of informed discourse and Music Futures has that – I really enjoyed the last Music Futures as there was a good deal of frank, insightful chat that got everyone thinking. Bizarrely, that’s still quite a rare thing, so I treasure it when I find it”.

Chris explained: “The conference has a very high calibre of speakers and attendees, so you always learn”.

Chris continued: “The shift and change of revenue streams presents a great opportunity for artists and industry alike to generate income and engage with consumers in new ways”.

Simon chipped in: “And technology is making it possible for more people to enjoy more music in more formats and environments than ever before”.

Darren added: “These changes will force old models to be laid to rest and challenge people to think up new ways of doing things”.

Leaving Chris with the last word: “After having had such a great time at last year’s Music Futures, I’m really looking forward to meeting old friends and making new one in a great setting, Great ideas and potential partnerships always happen at Music Futures”.

Music Futures conference, takes place at Sage Gateshead on November 12th


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